Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Our 10 years old girl and her 5 best friends protest against Fowler Homes

Over a  week ago (Sept 14)  Fowler responded no mirror slider for our daughter ‘s WIR and no further action for our Niches next to Fireplace, our daughter and ourselves were so much disappointed. We feel we can’t stand anymore to wait for our turn to express our appreciation for Fowler building our dream house …The following is highlights of our difficult building journey with Fowler:
*   a)  Our tender acceptance was Sept 2, 2010
*   b)  We were patient  to wait for 6 months (excluding 1 month Xmas break) for our building contract on Apr 1, 2011
     c)  We were more patience to wait other 2,5 month for Fowler to log on our application with the Council on Jun 10, 2011 and continued to wait another 4,5months  to get our final development approval on Oct 21, 2011
      d)  We were much more patient  to wait another 2.5 months (excluding 1 month Xmas break) to get our Construction Certificate on Feb 7, 2012   
       e)  Since our site finally started on Feb 17, there was a number of hiccup particularly we suffered the loss of our beloved plant, unnecessary huge cost ($27,3k) for our underground water tank and long defect list on our frame inspection…However, we have never voiced our problem in the public forum and we still hope for our happy ending with Fowler …..

It was the first time I were into  tears  in the middle of re-tell the story of mirror slider and Niche basement to our SS (I was grateful for SS  to organize  our house jobs  after 5pm on Friday, Sept 14) . On the next day,  I have clearly recognized that  the issue is  NOT rarely  happened  but very much “matching” with all our over 2 years  painful  journey with Fowler  so that I shouldn’t  allow Fowler take our normal and happy life away anymore …. 

But our 10 years old daughter took this issue on her way….She talked the issue to her school friends and her friends wrote the below letters  and  planned to ask their parents to drop them at our building site to protest against Fowler   ….

    Sorry we can't upload document of kid protest letter here as it is not in type of  photo image
Those kid viewpoints on  this 14th Sept, 2012  problem have alarmed us....because  the issue directly involved with the love and lights of our life _ our 10 years old daughter and we need to hear our kid voice. It is not  a dispute anymore, it is a justice. Yes, it is a justice for our next generation.   Hence, we have the following summary which we will log on the complaint to the NSW Department of Fair Trading as Fowler complete building our house and for this stage we put our story on the Product Review Page  

1)      Recently, we found a missing mirror slider for WIR (our daughter bedroom) and Niche basement next to Fireplace. I thought Fowler again forgot these 2 items and mentioned to SS to add these 2 items into our house. However,  Fowler’s Operation Manager responded that we did not pay for these 2 items so that we won't get them.

2)      I tried to scan all emails (on the tender stage) between me and the Sale Consultant in which I clearly requested to have those 2 items and then Sale Consultant clearly accepted to freely provide those 2 items which were  included in our modified design.

3)      Regarding the Niche basement next to the Fireplace as per Modena display home, I wrote request to the Sale Consultant, she wrote back the acceptance (See the attached files).  All normal builders must send the approved construction plan to their clients BEFORE the site start, but we never have it!!!  Therefore, we were unable to  check if there is that Niche basement next to the Fireplace and our Fireplace dimension as per the Modena display home. Actually, Fowler have completely forgot that Niche and Fireplace. 
We have requested exact fireplace and the niche frame on the both sides of the fireplace as per Modena display home.  Fowler did provide header for the Niche but not basement and said we did not pay for that basement

4)      However, Operation Manager said  Fowler only added Fireplace for us as we paid $10 k for that and they provided the header of the Niches but not the basement as we didn’t pay for that which meant the Manager refused to act on the legal written acceptance by Fowler Sale Consultant and the Manager refuse to understand that Fowler forgetting providing /drawing that Niche basement (together with Fireplace) for us. In addition, it is so much ironical for having "head" without "leg" for such Niche. Is there some one WHO is proud of their job can be able to provide such incomplete product? No further comment, isn't it?

          Sorry we can't upload document for the Sale Consultant's acceptance email on our Niche request as the document is not in photo image.

5)      Regarding mirror sliders, actually, there was free 3 mirror sliders included in our modified design. All 3 mirror sliders have the same indication on the plan so that I have only recognized at the time the Operation Manager said we could not get the mirror slider to WIR (our daughter bedroom) that there were only 2 mirror sliders (to our bedroom)  which were noted  in the variation. 

6)      The Manager initially said that mirror slider to our daughter bedroom was impossibly manufactured  and even our Sale Consultant also re-confirmed in this regards!  After we proved that the Sale Consultant memory was wrong by Fowler’s note that such kind of mirror slider has already manufactured for our bedroom. Then, the Manager said we still couldn’t get the mirror slider without paying ($300 for admission fee and $520 for supply and painting the door). 

    Sorry we can't upload document for the Fowler Variation Note and Sale Consultant's emails on our Mirror slider (Bed 2) request as the document is not in photo image.

7)      The Manager arguments over the 3 emails regarding these 2 issues are really “cheap” which should not be expressed  at his managing level.  He has tried to make his job supper convenience (for himself)   by simply referred to the quotes and variation. Yes, we need to live by principle and comply the legal document. However, written acceptance by Sale Consultant and display homes description are of  equally legal value. His business judgement  should not be different from the written commitment and display home description by Fowler Homes' Sale Consultant.   $ 820 ($300 for admission fee and $520 for supply and painting the door) is not small money but this amount of money won’t make us poorer. We are happy to pay such amount of money if necessary.  Certainly,  that amount of money won’t make much more profit for Fowler

8)      The issue is why we have been provided  2 mirror sliders in our bedroom but there is none mirror slider in our daughter bedroom ? why we need to pay that money to get the mirror slider included in our tender? why we couldn't get the Niche basement that Fowler has accepted to provide?

Yes, we live and we learn. And we live our life and raise our kids by what we have believed in are  legal document, principle, commitment and trust. We should reserve judgment until the whole process is over, but at the moment it is unlikely that I would recommend Fowler to anybody else.

Note: I have edited on red color due to English expression.