Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Friday, 27 April 2012

Week 10 (Apr 24 Tue_ Apr 30 Mon): None "action" but...

1) Schedules:

- Our second re-schedule is to complete framing on Thursday Apr 26. But  none "action" have done in the week.

- Everything has its own reason and explanation. But No, I'm not happy for this week

- Ok, we had a shorter week as there was 1 public holiday day and 1 compulsory safety meeting day.

-On Tue Apr 24, a crew of 5 carpenters came by 7am and then  left after 1 hour (See the below pictures).

- The reason for came and left situation was a regular crane using to lift the frame is too small for our house. They said they need a big crane for lifting 400 kg frame (see below picture)

 *** I accepted this reason as I thought we are human being so we can mistake. However, I'm not impressed the way they fix their mistake.

- I thought they wasted their working day  for that mistake, then they could organize a new bigger crane for the next day (Thursday Apr 26) as they knew their mistake since 8am Tuesday Apr 24.

- However, I learned that it takes over 3 days for them to organize a new crane. They will be able to back on our site till next Monday (Apr 30)

- However, we are still lucky enough to have one  happening on the site today (Friday Apr 27). We had window delivery

2) Next week plan:

- Monday and Tuesday for completing frames
- Thursday for plumb rough in
- Friday for brick and sand delivery
- All ready for the bricking on the flowing week.

3) Week's  feature:

I 'm really impressed about carpenter team, particularly carpenter leader who made me a pleasant shocking as he is not only skillful carpenter but also so very nice human being.

I'm sure that Fowler won't get me down as they are using such skillful professional and dignity people.

Friday, 20 April 2012

W9_D4 + 5: Framing day 1 and half

1) Schedules:

- We had a heavy rain on Apr 17 and 18.
- Apr 18 I did write a letter as I said to our SS
- Apr 19 I did go to the council in this regards
- Apr 19 we still had several showers but Fowler came back to redo a " little fence" with our dear neighbor. I really like Fowler's action in this regards
@ 3 rain days adding total 11 days on our building duration

2) Framing:

Our week 8 day 4 is on Friday Apr 20 when our frame was official up and up
I also like frame team (4 boys and 1 leader) who look very fit, professional and strong. As I arrived around 10am, they had already completed the below job:

For the first time since our site start, contractors are working on Saturday, they tried to complete the ground floor and went up for flooring our first floor

3) Remaining frame plan:

* Monday Apr 23 for delivery and safety meeting => no work
* Tuesday Apr 24 framing continue D 2 and half
* Wed : Anzac day => no work
* Thursday Apr 26 framing complete D 3 and half

Note to learn: our framing was scheduled to complete  on this week (Monday Apr 16 - Sat Apr 21. However, frame team delayed 1 day and nature mother delayed 3 days. Therefore, we officially suffered 1 week delay.

I know it is really hard to see nothing happen on the site during good weather. Particularly, after  having suffered a wettest Feb and Mar during 40 years,  it is even harder to witness none movement while others may build like crazy as sun is there.

However, I try to repeatedly  train myself for understanding building procedures for a home project in which we should  NOT expected contractors will be timely on the site everyday (even good weather days) and getting know more about who are contractors working on the site as it  has really helped me to stay positive.( I must edited this paragraph for the second time as it was wrongful English grammar !!!!!)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Week 9 (Tue, Apr 17 - Mon, Apr 23): Wet frame is crying

1) Summary of what had happened on Week 8

- as previous posted, external plumb was completed within 1 day on Tue Apr 10 (W8 D1)
- there were a series of deliveries

Blue steel beam was delivered  on Wed Apr 11 (W8 D2)

Another part of frame was arrived on Fri Apr 13 (W8 D4)

* SS advised frame was commenced on Mon Apr 16 (W8 D6), but no one was coming as I had a meeting with SS

* I had a very good talks with SS. Hopefully, he will deliver what we have discussed

* jobs for me in this week:
+ meeting with a new Kitchen guy to discuss about our pantry width in the kitchen
+ retaining wall
+ letter in respond to lovely neighbors

2) The team of 5 guys were on the site before 7 am

However, nature mother did not let them work today. And our frame all suffered very heavy rain.

Tomorrow, the weather seems still raining. Actually, I'm not worries about the delay but more concern with mould issue if rain still continue for several more days.

Try to stay positive and pray for strong and healthy frame.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Week 8: happy building progress but ...sad day

1) Due to Easter period (last Friday - Monday), our building time frame will have week 8 starting today Tuesday Apr 10 (instead of  Friday Apr 6) and finishing on Monday Apr 16.

2) We had 4 guys( including the plumber company boss) on the site to do external plumb for us. They started  at 7am and have yet finished the job around 4pm. They  worked very hard and I am really happy with the progress.


However,  after clearly listening to a sad building accident on other site a few weeks ago, I have felt very sad that life is so unfair and that all our building concerns and worries are so little and less meaning ...

3) our customer window was delivered this morning. The plumber company boss is really professional and responsible guy. It was him to advise the window company that they should not leave our expensive window in a place where is convenient for them but not safe for the window. In addition, he took picture and sent immediately it our SS.

I am really impressed of what the plumber company boss doing not only for wonderful plumb job at our site but also his care of what has happened on our site during his working time.

What is fabulous contractor  that Fowler have. I really wish Fowler also have many other contractors like the plumber company boss!

4) Our dear SS is still unwell so I can't have a meeting with him today. But we are really happy with his organizing of building steps for us.

Our frame was delivered on Thursday Apr 5 (just before Easter). It means our frame had suffered 1 heavy rain on Sunday Apr 8. I really hope that the frame will be up soon.

Our expensive beams for cornerless in our living area  were also delivered on Thursday Apr 5 morning. They were on our site even few hours earlier than the frame.

5) The window company said  remaining standard  windows and doors will be delivered tomorrow. I really hope they will carefully put our windows and doors in safe places. Tomorrow I try to go to the site early to organize some clear place for this delivery.

6) I expect termite system will be installed soon

7) I really need to ask him about the frame adjustment.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

After 1 year and 3 days of the contract, we had slab today

Finally, we had a very beautiful slab today.

On this occasion, we review of the painful road we have gone through:

1) Deposit for tender : July 25, 2010

2) Tender accepted: Sept 2, 2010

3) Building contract: April 1, 2011

4) the first DA logged in: June 10, 2011 and approval on July 22, 2011

5) the second time DA (section 96) logged in: Sept 9, 2011

6) Approval Oct 26, 2011

7) CC Feb 7,2012 (still very angry about 2,5 months -excluding Xmas break- waiting for CC)

8) Site start: Feb 17, 2012

9) Slab: April 4, 2012


Today,  we have 4 guys working on the site, I think it is normal number of workers for slab day

We have an upgrade H type class classification of slab

Tomorrow I will have a meeting with SS and discuss about the frame adjustment and time line for another structure stage- the frame.

Monday, 2 April 2012

W 7 _D3: Slab is rescheduled for the second time

1)  Sat, Mar 31: the concretors don't want to work on our site just for 4 hours (8am -12 noon) to strictly comply the working hours by the council. Therefore, their scheduled working plan on Sat was again rescheduled on Mon and Tue, Apr 2-3. Accordingly, the slab date is again rescheduled on Wed, Apr 4.

2)  Today, the surveyors came to check about the preparation for slab and they found out that the concretors made our timber formwork a bit +50mm than the plan.

It is very good to know before piering, engineer came to check the digging size and then, before slab pouring, surveyors came to check the timber formwork

3) In summary, we have spent longer extra days to get the formworks done for the slab pouring

- 1 day for piering ==> normal time line
- 1 day for digging for Drop Edge Beam ==> not sure was it a normal time line? (I forgot this job in the original posted yesterday )
- 4 days for timber, steel and waffle pods preparation ==> slowly time line as there was 1 guy for the first day and 2 guys for other 3 days (Commonly, there is 3 guys working for this job)

4) Our base and slab are also a bit different from normal ones

- slab type: H (commonly M)
- slab height: 90mm (commonly 85)
- piering diameter: 500mm (commonly 400mm)


Only two guys working on the site. It is said they organized for 3 guys but Adam did not want to ...work since the fist day for timber preparation.

Uncompleted preparation of steel and waffle pods after the first working day

Uncompleted preparation of steel, waffle pods and timber after the second working day

I'm still struggling to understand why they were not able to complete the whole job within 3 days as I red many blogs where people needed over 1 day to get the job done. However, we trust we are having a very solid base for the new dream house.