Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Week 21: List for independent inspection on Jul 17

We are going to have independent building inspection by Howard Ryan on Jul 17. The below is our list of concern which based on issues we had during our build so far. If you have some info and experience in this regards, please let me know what else  I also should pay more attention

1) Frame: the following areas  were defected and then were fixed by manufacturer and Fowler
1.1.  ground floor on the rear
1.2.  the first floor roof
1.3.  French door (to Balcony) area
1.4.  Study Nook’s window area
1.5.  Bed 3’s window area
1.6.  Termination on the bricks (particularly on Study Nook)

2) air-conditioning

2.1  Cutting holes on Retreat’s Robes areas then don’t use these  holes. Recover the holes is good enough?
2.2. Cutting bricks for AC duct required for Family and Dining A/C, then don’t use it so recovering the hole is good enough ?
2.3. the whole A/C installation is good enough?

3) Upstairs Eaves
The reasons: Manufacturer’s mistakes

4) Slab
4.1. Our pearing day suffered rain and broken machine
4.2.  Slap level on Family and Dining

5) Niches
The reasons: all most of niches were   fixed


a) bricks is overhanging slab at the front corner of Garage? and Porch? 

b) check all corner bricks

6.1. Entrance
6.2. Facade brick corner in front of Study Office
6.3. Court yard
6.4. Alfresco
6.5. Balcony

Honestly, I'm very scary about our frame issue and feel I'm over it as we did spend extra 3 weeks for just fixing frame and roof . I'm happy to pay for this independent building inspection to have peaceful mind on our first ever building. Although I am sure there is small things which are need to be rectified from this inspection but I really hope and  really pray for the quality that Fowler have promised.

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