Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Monday, 8 October 2012

Our post on the PCI issue with the SS and Foweler Homes response from Product Review

The  summary of what had happened on our build:

1) The entry 24th Sept  about our daughter and her friend was also posted at the same day on the Product Review Page at http://www.productreview.com.au/r/fowler-homes/295669.html

2) On 6th Oct, I have posted the below message on the Product Review Page

"Dear Fowler Homes

We  wish to report the latest laughable  update with our build. The Site Supervisor wrote emails 2 times (together with verbal talk at least 2 times) to confirm our PCI date on Oct 4 and we made an appointment with the independent building inspector at 11am on 4th Oct.

On 1st  Oct, we wrote him email expressing our concern with  a long list of outstanding jobs and none movement on our site over the past 3 days. Site Supervisor wrote back: "I completely got my dates mixed up and apologies for canceling the PCI and will push to get the works ready and will advise to re schedule PCI".

3) Fowler Home Responded as below:

 Shame - we dont write responses to ignorant remarks and childish beahour. Shame how about you contact our office 9757 2300 and organise a meeting with our senior management team and show your face, in a face to face meeting so we can address any issues you may have. its easy to hide behind a faceless remark. I urge you to contact us and i will make sure our management are available to meet with you use the refrence Shame so we know who you are. I am sure you have the time as you have posted coments on every review so put the effort into coming to see us!!

Kiko - In response to you obserd remarks above "your 10 year old daughter being subject to a protest against Fowler with her friends" - firstly we will not be further responding to this as it is border line child abuse who in their right mind would write these comments and support their 10 YEAR OLD INNOCENT daughter to protesting??? we are talking about a child a child who is not legally allowed to vote or understand what a protest is - People reading these comments can now understand what type of person we are dealing with here because who would allow there child to protest - We were shocked at reading this!! We will not comment any further as it is clear we cannot come to a resolution with you. Kiko please remember you checked your plans for over 4 months we did over 20 revisions and you marked every niche, nook and dimension so i think you missed the above items not Fowler.

We will not be responding to any further comments from these two people - Potential Clients you can see above who Fowler Homes are dealing with and the type of characters we are dealing with! Fowler Homes are commited to customer service and giving our clients a wonderful home which is of prestige quality and finishes and this shows throughout our homes and reputation in the industry. This wee in a HIA media release Fowler Homes was published as the 14th larget builder in NSW thats a great acheivement in a time when the economy is not doing so well we have had a rapid growth and that is thanks to our wonderful staff, clients, contractors and suppliers we have a great team and great homes! thank you to all of you. Fowler Homes posted on Oct 6, 2012 

4) We responded as below on Oct 6 

To Fowler Home Respondent,

Please note:

1) We are one of the 2 reviewer here showing clearly our job number which mean we open our identity with Fowler Homes . You should be smarter to realize this instead of advising how we should go face to face with the Fowler Homes Office

2) You also need to educate yourself more about our case before advising us that we should call the Fowler Homes Office to make an appointment. You should know that:

# Before putting our review here on Sept 24, we had written this contents emailing on Sept 24 to the Construction Manager RC, Operation Manager RM, Office Manager JV, our Sale Consultant HO and the Site Supervisor. Do you want us to specify their names?

# Before sending that Sept 24 Email to Construction Manager RC, Operation Manager RM, Office Manager JV, our Sale Consultant HO and the Site Supervisor, we had series of 6 emails and 3 phone call from Sept 10-14 discussing about the issue and we were finally advised (Sept 14) there was no resolution for the issues

# Right after the final email from the Operation Manager on Sept 14 in this regard, we have advised on Sept 14 the Construction Manager RC, Operation Manager RM, Office Manager JV, our Sale Consultant HO and the Site Supervisor that we will log our complaint in the NSW Department of Fair Trading to seek for the resolution

3) As you did admit that Fowler Homes provide none resolution for our issue , we just wonder why you still advise us to make an appointment for nothing ?

4) Do you have kids? Do you know that kids can’t be tell the untruth? So, we hope you are more careful to use the terms of “kid abuse”. You are right kids don’t have a right to vote for election but they have a plenty rights to ask the questions and voice their idea……

5) Thank for your honesty to say you are shocking to read our story about 10 year old girl and her friends ….We are sure not only you but all readers including the NSW Department of Fair Trading, the Councillors of the Ku-rin-gai Council and our family members who are lawyers and the parents of our daughters friends who are also lawyers have been very interested in reading the letters which I can't upload here but I also attached on our Sept 24 email to the Fowler management.

6) Regarding our referred to the so-called 20 revisions, please do more home work to know how many percentage of our revisions came from Fowler own mistakes and missing items. We will provide all written evidence that over 50% of revisions came from Fowler side to the NSW Department of Fair Trading to request their investigation. You know very well how these concerned people at Fowler Homes were impotent. 

5) Fowler Home responded on 7th Oct as below:

Kikichan sorry you misunderstood us the meeting we were referring to was for shame. You are correct we already have your items of discussion and we don't require a meeting. In regards to your daughter yes I have kids abs that's what disturbed me because I would never let them be exposed to protesting maybe pore choice of words. Fair trading is a great way to go as its an independent body who inspects and provides an outcome when mediation is required so we will await their response. I'm sure you will love your home once you move in very shortly. Be advised Kikichans home is customized and a large impressive design which does take extra time to build due to the size and detail and it will look amazing. Building is not easy and one of the most stressful times in our lives as it is the dream and the moment where you save to achieve this milestone and wonderful home for your family to enjoy and we understand that but people do get emotional and angry but at the end is when it counts as houses arnt made in factories they are onsite by people and yes there will be mistakes but they will be rectified. We take pride in our houses and despite what you think our customers are the first priority for fowler. Remember in the world there are 100s of millions of different personalities and we cannot make everyone happy all the time although we try. Again I'm sure you home will be beautiful.   

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