Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Friday, 15 February 2013

Our first day on LANDSCAPING JOB

So, after moving in our beautiful and happy new home nearly 3 months, on Friday Feb 15 we have started our landscaping job with Shane crew.

Shane and Jay have just arrived to start their first "date" with us 

Shane had many texts due to post Valentine !!!!

Shane is very skillful
Jay worked very hard and did very good cleaning up job for us.

We have been very happy with the job commencements:

@ Shane had done what he had said and particularly they have rented the new machine and have used very quality landscaping tools which have made me a good impression. 

@ Also, I was so much surprised that they did locate their machine at the corner ( more effort to drive the machine into the corner) and did clean up everything at the end of their working. After almost 1 year getting familiar with very messy contractors, I have been  patient to accept wherever they have located their tools on their convenience and  put their left over rubbish into the bins.

Machine is sitting at the corner on the clean site

However, we continue to have nightmare for the third time  from our removed Sydney Blue Gum tree.

On the day of the tree removal, the tree people said they did grind the stump but it was cheated.

We did organize the second service to grind the tree stump.

The following pictures of root will be needed to grind by tree people which cost us a lot of course. Now, I just want to find out the good third grinding tree to do the job on Monday Feb 20.

close look of the first set of root

close look of the second set of root

close look of the third set of root

a mountain of soil which I hope we will use a half to fillback on the North side of the Rear Yard. Also the soil is to mix with the garden soil to put back on all garden bed to Rear Yard

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