Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Sunday, 5 February 2012

3 times LIES from builder for our basic CC and site start

With regards to our  HORRIBLE PROBLEM with CC and site start, we really want to walk away from our build with F builder.  We need your ACTION NOW  because  we can’t afford any more LIES AND INCOMPETENT TREATMENT from F builder.   

We repeatedly clarify the following points:
* On December 20, 2011, T- Operation Manager wrote that after we urgently paid the infrastructure restoration fee  to the Kuringai Council, our CC would be done.  Even more, T wrote our site start would be Jan 25

* On Jan 25, 2912, A said over the phone that we would get the CC by the end of the week which would be by Jan 27

*On Jan 31, A again said we would get the CC by the end of the week which would be by Feb 3

* On Feb 3, A again said we would know if we would get the CC on Feb 6 as the certifier comes back and if we get the CC, then we will get the site start date.

==> Fowler has CLEARLY AND OPENLY kept breaking their WORDS 3 TIMES.

==> Why do we suffer such LIES and HORRIBLE TREATMENT for our basic CC ?

On Feb 3 (last Friday), A told me over the phone that our CC delay as we needed to have the stomwater amendment  to meet with the Council basic conditions which were written on July, 2011.

We are very much unhappy with the situation because the Council requirement for stomwater amendment was SIX MONTHS AGO and F builder DIDN'T  DO ANYTHING in this regards.

We understand we couldn’t reverse with what had happened but we can look after with what will go to happen from now on

Therefore, would you please keep your words for this 4th that all outstanding issues with our CC HAVE BEEN DONE and now we just need to wait for a private certifier to issue the CC on Monday? And our site start will be on the following day?

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