Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

sitestart problems and 200 working days -building contract

a) the CC

 * On December 20, 2011 OM wrote an email saying that there were outstanding issues, but after our paying for infrastructure restoration fee, then we will get the CC soon.
*  Wednesday last week , CSO told me that we would get the CC by the end of last week which would by Jan 27, but it never happened
* This week (yesterday, Tuesday), CSO told me that we will get the CC on the early next week

 All promises have been broken for our very basic CC.  What is really going on over the past 3 MONTHS just for our CC

b) the site start

* OM wrote on December 20, 2011 that our site start is booked on Jan 25 (last Wed).  It was rain on that day.
* Friday last week, I started to request info for our re-schedule. After intensive chasing, this week (yesterday, Tuesday), CSO originally told me that site start would be commenced on the early next week because you need time to order materials

==> CSO know it is crystal clear  that it is 100%  NOT TRUTH because our original booked date was last week and we did only need preparation for excavation such as pegging out, site cut, fencing, mobile toilet.

c) re-schedule site start by Saturday, Feb 4 and 200 working days contract

* As CSO and OM all know our building contract is set for 200 working days excluding bad weather days, the festive break and public holidays

* Original Jan 25 site start was not counted as it was raining, but all days since then have been good weather. Therefore, our passing time is on counting.

* We sincerely hope our re-scheduled site start come truth

* Also, there is a special condition in our building contract that we will carry on independent inspector along with 5 milestone stages

 d) site manager

* We request CSO please introduce us to our site manager

* We are more than happy to meet him on the site and introduce him to our "dear" neighbors

e) Our "married" with Fo

* We have considered our decision to build with Fo that means we got married with Fo and that means we really wish to have a good time with Fo and we are on the Fo side.

* We have been over 1 year "paper" work with Fo. So, we are pretty sure Fo and we have enough time to understand each other's problems and issues.

* However, we always stay positive. Fo have many times broken their promises but we hope Fo will obey their legal building contract with us. We just want Fo deliver what they have legally agreed.

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