Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Week 8: happy building progress but ...sad day

1) Due to Easter period (last Friday - Monday), our building time frame will have week 8 starting today Tuesday Apr 10 (instead of  Friday Apr 6) and finishing on Monday Apr 16.

2) We had 4 guys( including the plumber company boss) on the site to do external plumb for us. They started  at 7am and have yet finished the job around 4pm. They  worked very hard and I am really happy with the progress.


However,  after clearly listening to a sad building accident on other site a few weeks ago, I have felt very sad that life is so unfair and that all our building concerns and worries are so little and less meaning ...

3) our customer window was delivered this morning. The plumber company boss is really professional and responsible guy. It was him to advise the window company that they should not leave our expensive window in a place where is convenient for them but not safe for the window. In addition, he took picture and sent immediately it our SS.

I am really impressed of what the plumber company boss doing not only for wonderful plumb job at our site but also his care of what has happened on our site during his working time.

What is fabulous contractor  that Fowler have. I really wish Fowler also have many other contractors like the plumber company boss!

4) Our dear SS is still unwell so I can't have a meeting with him today. But we are really happy with his organizing of building steps for us.

Our frame was delivered on Thursday Apr 5 (just before Easter). It means our frame had suffered 1 heavy rain on Sunday Apr 8. I really hope that the frame will be up soon.

Our expensive beams for cornerless in our living area  were also delivered on Thursday Apr 5 morning. They were on our site even few hours earlier than the frame.

5) The window company said  remaining standard  windows and doors will be delivered tomorrow. I really hope they will carefully put our windows and doors in safe places. Tomorrow I try to go to the site early to organize some clear place for this delivery.

6) I expect termite system will be installed soon

7) I really need to ask him about the frame adjustment.

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