Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Friday, 20 April 2012

W9_D4 + 5: Framing day 1 and half

1) Schedules:

- We had a heavy rain on Apr 17 and 18.
- Apr 18 I did write a letter as I said to our SS
- Apr 19 I did go to the council in this regards
- Apr 19 we still had several showers but Fowler came back to redo a " little fence" with our dear neighbor. I really like Fowler's action in this regards
@ 3 rain days adding total 11 days on our building duration

2) Framing:

Our week 8 day 4 is on Friday Apr 20 when our frame was official up and up
I also like frame team (4 boys and 1 leader) who look very fit, professional and strong. As I arrived around 10am, they had already completed the below job:

For the first time since our site start, contractors are working on Saturday, they tried to complete the ground floor and went up for flooring our first floor

3) Remaining frame plan:

* Monday Apr 23 for delivery and safety meeting => no work
* Tuesday Apr 24 framing continue D 2 and half
* Wed : Anzac day => no work
* Thursday Apr 26 framing complete D 3 and half

Note to learn: our framing was scheduled to complete  on this week (Monday Apr 16 - Sat Apr 21. However, frame team delayed 1 day and nature mother delayed 3 days. Therefore, we officially suffered 1 week delay.

I know it is really hard to see nothing happen on the site during good weather. Particularly, after  having suffered a wettest Feb and Mar during 40 years,  it is even harder to witness none movement while others may build like crazy as sun is there.

However, I try to repeatedly  train myself for understanding building procedures for a home project in which we should  NOT expected contractors will be timely on the site everyday (even good weather days) and getting know more about who are contractors working on the site as it  has really helped me to stay positive.( I must edited this paragraph for the second time as it was wrongful English grammar !!!!!)


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks!

      I'm sure your frames will also be up very soon.

      I still think we will eventually behind your build in our "sweet race".

  2. Wow you guys are doing well by the looks of things. We have only had 3 work days so far in April. While it has been raining in Sydney the weather has almost been perfect here! We have now officially been overtaken by the houses who started in late January. I haven't heard nor have i called the company in over 3 weeks. i have decided to not stress and at the end of the time any mistakes they make will be fixed :-)

    1. * Yes, weather hit hard again here. After Easter Sunday's storm, we had heavy rain on Apr 17 and Apr 18. As a consequence, there was even over 200 requests for help with leaking roofs, fallen trees and properties threatened by flooding.

      On Apr 19, heavy rain and wind were eased but weather was not nice at all.

      * I understand your feeling as you have a very good weather without any progress. I really hope they will eventually pick up the pace for you.

      Good luck for you, me and others with Fowler.

  3. Frames looking good, Kiki!!
    I'm sure by next week you'll catch up with me..:)

    Good luck to us!!