Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Friday, 27 April 2012

Week 10 (Apr 24 Tue_ Apr 30 Mon): None "action" but...

1) Schedules:

- Our second re-schedule is to complete framing on Thursday Apr 26. But  none "action" have done in the week.

- Everything has its own reason and explanation. But No, I'm not happy for this week

- Ok, we had a shorter week as there was 1 public holiday day and 1 compulsory safety meeting day.

-On Tue Apr 24, a crew of 5 carpenters came by 7am and then  left after 1 hour (See the below pictures).

- The reason for came and left situation was a regular crane using to lift the frame is too small for our house. They said they need a big crane for lifting 400 kg frame (see below picture)

 *** I accepted this reason as I thought we are human being so we can mistake. However, I'm not impressed the way they fix their mistake.

- I thought they wasted their working day  for that mistake, then they could organize a new bigger crane for the next day (Thursday Apr 26) as they knew their mistake since 8am Tuesday Apr 24.

- However, I learned that it takes over 3 days for them to organize a new crane. They will be able to back on our site till next Monday (Apr 30)

- However, we are still lucky enough to have one  happening on the site today (Friday Apr 27). We had window delivery

2) Next week plan:

- Monday and Tuesday for completing frames
- Thursday for plumb rough in
- Friday for brick and sand delivery
- All ready for the bricking on the flowing week.

3) Week's  feature:

I 'm really impressed about carpenter team, particularly carpenter leader who made me a pleasant shocking as he is not only skillful carpenter but also so very nice human being.

I'm sure that Fowler won't get me down as they are using such skillful professional and dignity people.


  1. I think I'm catching now. Second storey wall frames up today.
    How does your ground floor feel? Were you surprised by the size of any of the rooms?

    1. Hey, good on you with the first floor frame. I also had a bit of the first floor frame up yesterday as there were only 2 carpenters and it took 2 hours for them just to coordinate with 2 crane drivers to lift and move frames around ....

      I felt our Dining and Alfresco much huger than my expectation but Court yard much smaller than my imagination. Furthermore, I noticed my biggest mistake for making Laundry on very good location for sunlight. So, carpenters and SS are helping me to put extra frames there with the hope that I can easily re-organize this area in the near future.