Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Monday, 2 April 2012

W 7 _D3: Slab is rescheduled for the second time

1)  Sat, Mar 31: the concretors don't want to work on our site just for 4 hours (8am -12 noon) to strictly comply the working hours by the council. Therefore, their scheduled working plan on Sat was again rescheduled on Mon and Tue, Apr 2-3. Accordingly, the slab date is again rescheduled on Wed, Apr 4.

2)  Today, the surveyors came to check about the preparation for slab and they found out that the concretors made our timber formwork a bit +50mm than the plan.

It is very good to know before piering, engineer came to check the digging size and then, before slab pouring, surveyors came to check the timber formwork

3) In summary, we have spent longer extra days to get the formworks done for the slab pouring

- 1 day for piering ==> normal time line
- 1 day for digging for Drop Edge Beam ==> not sure was it a normal time line? (I forgot this job in the original posted yesterday )
- 4 days for timber, steel and waffle pods preparation ==> slowly time line as there was 1 guy for the first day and 2 guys for other 3 days (Commonly, there is 3 guys working for this job)

4) Our base and slab are also a bit different from normal ones

- slab type: H (commonly M)
- slab height: 90mm (commonly 85)
- piering diameter: 500mm (commonly 400mm)


Only two guys working on the site. It is said they organized for 3 guys but Adam did not want to ...work since the fist day for timber preparation.

Uncompleted preparation of steel and waffle pods after the first working day

Uncompleted preparation of steel, waffle pods and timber after the second working day

I'm still struggling to understand why they were not able to complete the whole job within 3 days as I red many blogs where people needed over 1 day to get the job done. However, we trust we are having a very solid base for the new dream house.


  1. Sorry to say 6 guys preparing my slab today, planning to be poured by Thursday. Looks like I am catching you now!

    1. So00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 happy for you! I'm really exciting to hear that Fowler has speed up for you. Hope you will also have better luck than us in the construction.

  2. Good to know that you're on your way, kiki!!
    So happy for you...finally!! :)

    Good luck for everything.

    I love your facade, btw.


  3. Thanks M.

    You are now flying with 26 weeks of building duration (we have 33 weeks)

    Best of luck for you and me