Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

After 1 year and 3 days of the contract, we had slab today

Finally, we had a very beautiful slab today.

On this occasion, we review of the painful road we have gone through:

1) Deposit for tender : July 25, 2010

2) Tender accepted: Sept 2, 2010

3) Building contract: April 1, 2011

4) the first DA logged in: June 10, 2011 and approval on July 22, 2011

5) the second time DA (section 96) logged in: Sept 9, 2011

6) Approval Oct 26, 2011

7) CC Feb 7,2012 (still very angry about 2,5 months -excluding Xmas break- waiting for CC)

8) Site start: Feb 17, 2012

9) Slab: April 4, 2012


Today,  we have 4 guys working on the site, I think it is normal number of workers for slab day

We have an upgrade H type class classification of slab

Tomorrow I will have a meeting with SS and discuss about the frame adjustment and time line for another structure stage- the frame.


  1. Why the delay between Tender, and acceptance of tender?

    1. Fowler presented the first tender on Aug 16, 2010 that was delayed 1 week and mistaken on the floor area. Then Fowler made the revised tender on Aug 20, 2010. Certainly, Fowler would like to have our acceptance as soon as possible.

      However, we decided to spend time getting clarification of several items in the tenders and discount. We really think the new house's life span is for at least 25 years and we really want to make sure (with more than 5 times of our own confirmation) that we really want to build this designed house with Fowler.

      Honestly, we had 3 tenders in which Fowler was our first choice, the second tender was our backup plan and the third tender was for comparisons and learning sources. The Fowler tender was not the cheapest one and my DH favoured of the backup plan. But I am really "in love" with the design Even now I plan to build the second house with Marretta custom design ...

  2. And why the second DA application? Why the CC delay?

    1. We needed to have section 96 (the second DA) as we applied for 200 years old Sydney blue gum tree removal and Fowler mistakenly calculated our maximum allowance floor space. Actually, this mistake was not directly made by Fowler, it was Fowler's contractor- Marretta architecture. We were happy to pay the second DA fee and logged it with the council by ourself (as we know the council assessor and we can request the council and our ecologist to quickly respond to our concerns and questions). However, we were very disappointed Fowler very slowly orgainzed the re-drawing for us. As a consequence, we suffered 3 weeks delay at that stage.

      In terms of CC delay, it was totally Fowler responsibilities. As I wrote about this matter, I am still very much angry. However, I honestly put the tough paper work stage behind us and focus in the construction journey with new hope!

      Understanding building the house is not honeymoon time and our painful experience with paper work have actually made us to be better preparation for the construction stage. However, after meeting and talking with Fowler's contractors including excavator, plumber, concreter and structural engineer, I feel very good about their experiences, responsibilities and qualities . My neighbors even commented that they have never seen such beautiful slab like ours. My neighbors will use Fowler's plumber and concreter for their major renovations.


    Love your slab, it's so neat and looks great!!

    Now your journey begins... I think we will be apart few weeks only, you'll catch up soon...


  4. Many thanks for your encouragement M!

    Practically, I will be very much surprise if Fowler can ever catch up with Wisdom regarding the building duration so I'm dreaming if we can get the house 2 months after your moving in!