Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Week 18: reasons for Fowler's double building durations (part 1)

This morning I went to site to see progress for eaves installing but no one was there and I feel the need to point out why our build have always been behind the normal build duration.

1) Eaves and cladding installation (Week 18):

I red on other blogs with other builders there is normally 2-3 calendar days for upstairs eaves including big job for all cladding . Yesterday I partly came to realize why our eaves installation is predicted longer than DOUBLE timelines in   compare with EBH

It was a part of eaves done on the first day. There was only 2 guys there

There was a baby progress on the second day as there was still 2 guys there

I was so happy to know eaves installers have more job  for 3 big timber post so that our timline is even longer than double time in compare with others

Lonely our baby house!
However, I was wrong. The truth is Fowler don't do the job on full time basis. Fowler worked 1 day and half with 2 guys and then they don't bother keep working (on the following day ) just for job progress.


2) Week 13-week 17:  1 MONTH for brickworks

- As I have already posted several entries that brickies on our site are Team A. They are very skillful, hard working and nice personality. Our house bricks are just fabulous ...but  it is not top secret that we had suffered double brickwork duration as  there was roughly only half of the team actually working on our site.

- There is none excuse that we had high brick laying quality therefore we suffered double time for brickwork  as building duration/timlines is an essential  factor of building quality.   

To be continued

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