Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Monday, 25 June 2012

Week 18: thank you Vaccaro_electrician

Last year, although I heard several negative stories about Vaccaro,  personally, I always felt very so good whenever I wrote emails and talked to R from Vaccaro regarding our electrical plan last year. Vaccaro's prices for our extra was not cheap (but not expensive neither) but her professional service and attitude were so good. Whatever I asked ( my questions were all so boring as I don't know anything about electrical), she made sure that I would be happy with her response ...She answered within 5 hours and repeatedly changed plan for us as I was not sure what exactly I wanted.

Last year, I hardly saw a truck from Vaccaro running around our area to serve electrical plan for new houses.

However, this year I have seen trucks from Vaccaro everywhere  in our area. It means Vaccaro business grow very much in our area. It means my feeling last year about Vaccaro was correct.

It is certainly good note for Fowler too. Well, it is not top secrete that  I have many times been "down" by Fowler but I always try to stay positive as I know Fowler's contractors who I have met such as Vaccaro... are so skilful  and serious  professional.

Recently I have sent her emails again requesting some amendment for our electrical plan. She has still kept responding very fast and even called me (last week) to  provide  an appointment to see her staffs on our site to show them what we want to amend. I can't be happier. Big thank you!

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