Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Week 18 (Wed Jun 20 - Tue Jun 26) Only Eveas and Cladding?

Today we had most of upper roof.

It means we only got upper roof on Week 17. However, after 1 month bricking and waiting for completing brickworks, we were so happy to see upper roof.

Upper roof really turns "our site" to "our house"

* Schedules:

# Roof tilers will be back tomorrow for few hours to finalize our upper roof.

# After lunchtime tomorrow, carpenters will start eaves and cladding jobs

# However, SS is not sure if our eaves and cladding jobs will be done in this week.

* Issues:

1) Roof valley color:

There is two roof valley in the front house. This is our southerner roof valley which is a bit hidden due to its position behind big tree. This roof valley is bright metal which made me very sad as our roof is black. 

This is our northerner roof valley which is clearly seen from the street. However, today we had the roof around this roof valley but I have not noticed it from the street. So, I'm very proud that I let the jobs go ahead as we will paint that roof valley with black color in the future if necessary.

2) Facia/Gutter color

As the first time I saw this ironstone gutter, I was so upset because it looked much lighter than my expectation.

Under raining day and dark sky (last Saturday)  installed ironstone gutter/facia showed much lighter than my imagination. I thought I should choose monument(black color). However, I still hoped Saturday weather is not perfect for knowing the real color of our ironstone gutter/facia
And my hope turned to the truth as it is clearly seen our ironstone gutter/facia are as dark as neighbor's nearly black facia on the good weather day ( Yesterday -Monday). Well, we have traditionally black roof which is a very strong and "heavy looking" color so theoretically lighter gutter/facia will make the house a bit lighter and taller and more balance..I am really happy with our gutter/facia color as it is actually what I'm looking for.   

Frankly, I'm not really sure the weather really make a color looking so much different as I wrote or my eyes are actually adjusted to justify the reality .... Whatever it is I have to admit that the house now looks as our baby so that we love our baby house ...


  1. Wow, finally you posted the photos, Kiki!!
    Love your house, it looks so high ....
    I think your fascia & gutter is fine.
    I'm still not sure which one is the roof valley...??Is it the one under the tiles roof?

    Good job, I think you'll catch up with me...:)
    I don't have eaves yet, probably this Friday...fingers crossed...

    1. Hello my dear friend M.....
      Always thanks for your warm encouragement. Appreciate it.

      The roof valley is where the two different roofs are meeting and there is none roof tiles over this area.

      I personally think this area is called "valley" as it is almost similar to this "a valley" between two hills.

      In our photo, you easily notice our roof valley is covered by a white-ish (very bright) metal which should normally be similar color with gutter or roof tiles as no one likes to highlight this roof valley against their roof . Therefore, I feel angry as our roof valley color is contrasts to our roof and gutter color .

      Wish you and I have a better new week!