Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Week 17 (Wed Jun 13- Tue Jun 19): ONE MONTH for brickwork

* Our bricks have turned out with very strong and bold appearance on our house which is beyond our expectation. We are also supper happy with brick laying which is very neat and professional. We have reconfirmed why this team was chosen to do for Fowler's latest display homes in Homeworld V

* Very disappointed that  brickwork schedules couldn't be done as there was only half team (about 3-4 brickies) on site.

1) The first week of bricking
May 16 (Wed): 5 brickies
May 17(Thur): 5 brickies
May 18(Fri): 5 brickies
May 21(Mon): 4 brickies
May 22(Tue): 4 brickies

2) Re-commencement  of bricking
May 30(Wed): 3 brickies
May 31(Thur): 3 brickies
Jun 1 (Fri)     : 4 brickies
Jun 5 (Tue)  : 7 brickies left early due to non-stop rain
Jun 6 (Wed):  3 brickies in the morning and 4 brickies in the afternoon (working under on-off rain)

Jun 7 (Thur): 4 brickies
Jun 8( Fri):  4 brickies

Jun 11 (Mon): Public holiday
June 12 (Tue):  Carpenter back for balcony job

June 13 (Wed): 6 brickies arrived but left due to non stop rain
Jun 14 (Thur): 6 brickies
June 15 (Fri):  3 brickies

*****  We started to do brick on May 16 and completed on June 15. ONE MONTH for bricking is NOT normal job.

 However, we have noticed all along our bricking that our brickies are the top range of bricklayers, hard working and nice people. But, there were about 4 brickies working over 14 days. So, if we would have a full team of 6 brickies, we should complete our actually bricking duration in only halt time. 

June 13 was rain so that our building duration will be added up to 14 days

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