Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Week 11_ D1: SAD as I made the biggest mistake on house plan

This afternoon, DH and I climbed up to our first floor for the first time with the purpose to know our house frame and shape. But we can't believe we have such so vey beautiful view and we are happy with our each room.....

And suddenly I noticed that view from our .....WIR is the best view we have from our house. We stayed there speechless as we have ever ever thought/dreamed of such view from such position.

I was really shocked and then very sad to recognize that we  lost that dream view....When I feel better or when I can find some way to keep that view , I will post a photo of that view here.

On the ground floor, I also made a big mistake by locating Laundry in one of the best location of the ground floor. However, our SS, plumbers, and carpenters are helping me to fix this mistake by generously re-organize this area for me. In the near future, I must do a minor renovation in this area to narrow Laundry.

Maybe, lucky arrives only 1 time and I had used it for re-organize Laundry. And now I have to accept the location of WIR and learn to live with it?

Well,  I let my sad emotion stay tonight and tomorrow I will go to get some consultation with hope that I can still save that beautiful view by a bit moving our WIR around.


  1. I admire your courage to make changes on the run!

    1. Thsnks...

      But actually, I don't want to have any change any more if I don't make any big mistake....as changes have cost me a lot time, efforts and money. Recently, I wake up 4 am for preparing for my jobs, all meals for my family during the whole day, taking care of my child and learning/ doing more home works on our home building project....

      Yah, No Pain No Gain....

      You can see that we may stuck into the frame stage for another month as we have a big trouble with material supply...

      Did you frame completed? I think your frame should complete by now as carpenters advised me that it takes about 2,5 days to complete the frame for 30 square house....

      Good luck to us!

    2. I think our frame and trusses were finished yesterday, all except for the rear ground floor roof. I think it may have been left so that the scaffolding can go up for the second storey brick laying. The windows were delivered yesterday. No action today though.

      I am surprised that you know so much about what is going on. I've hardly spoken to our SS.

      A shame about your delays, I hope it doesn't cost you too much time.

    3. Thanks.

      We are very lucky to have our SS as he is the best among Fowler SSs. He is the one who has considerably contributed to Fowler's good reputation.

      I also hope your frame will be done by the weekend.

  2. Hi Kiki,
    Don't regret it too much about your WIR.
    Best thing is to move forward and focus on other things like your landscapes, furnitures maybe, etc.
    We all had mistakes and learn about it. Hope someday I'll also have another chance to build a house again and not repeating my mistakes. :)

    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement and being there for me as I was unhappy M.

      You are right... I have finally "reconfirmed" for myself that our chosen plan is still our best compromise...

      Yah, we consider to build another house in the near future too. And I will also not allow myself to repeat the old mistakes (but accept some new mistakes :)

      Best of luck to us :)