Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Friday, 23 March 2012

Our wonderful SS and second excavtion after piering

After a very painful "paper work" journey of 18 months, I'm very conservative and get well prepared for another tough construction journey. However, I have gradually and pleasantly recognized  our SS has so far been very professional and a man of his work .

I'm very much impressed that he is very brave and professional to change his planning as the new circumstance is coming up  to make the most efficient solution for us and Fowler over our first  5 weeks journey.

This is the second time he did change his own big plan to make the best solution for us and Fowler.

On last Friday (Mar 16) noon, he advised us that we would have second excavation before piering because our site was not leveling anymore due to the installation of the underground 15000 liters rain water tanks. However, we suffered a very heavy rain on that Friday night. As a sequence, our site again had several "lake" and very muddy as our soil is red clay (active clay). If that  plan (piering after second excavation) was carried out, our muddy site would be messy again after piering and then we would need the third excavation. Hence, on Monday (Mar 19) he immediately changed his Mar 16 plan  that we will have the second excavation after piering. As a result, we have very beautiful site condition, we couldn't be happier.

Piering in several places are still very wet today

Second excavation has made our site really beautiful

After  piering and particularly digging for Drop Edge Beam, we "got"  a very huge mountain of soil

 This dirt "mountain" will again cost us a fortune!
Our site cost has painfully broken our pocket. We have know as we were in the tender stage that our site cost certainly would be expensive including unfixed price for dirt removal, retaining wall and extra piering. However, the extra amount of these 3 items are actually further  beyond our estimation. Furthermore, we need to pay for unexpected jobs including crane cost for the underground rain water tank and extra piering for the tank location in the zone of influence

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