Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

W4_D4: the second time dirt moving

Finally, we have our earthwork/action for the second time since the site start. Actually, our fill is removed after half month on the site.

The below is a moment that the fence was opened for "action". We really wish we should have more frequently opened site fencing from now on.

The JP concretes said there would be three big truck for us but  only  two big trucks were on the site.

The truck drivers were very fast, they helped me to keep the sandstones. But I don't think they put full dirt on their 4 loads.

The below pictures are our site a bit clear. Yes, we now have a very good access for the plumbers and crane. In another word, the first job in the planing was DONE

Tomorrow is the first day of the underground water tank "course": we will dig for the tank. We hope SS will keep his promise to locate  the tank a bit 3m further to the rear yard.

Also, it is estimated to remove 16 dirt loads. We really hope we will actually have 12-13 loads as today it is estimated 6 loads but in fact it was 4.5 loads (actually it would be good 4 loads if they made the trucks full).

I also need to ask plumber for helping leveling a bit rear yard

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