Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Site cut on Friday, Feb 27

We were so happy that our dirt  was finally moved for a new journey.

Actually, our site cut was booked on Saturday, Feb 25 but the contractor couldn't make it as they did not finish their Friday job. We thought it was fair enough as SS did also make 2 days for excavation which was in fact done within 4 hours.

The excavators  are really good boys! 

We had 73 tones of clean clay to remove!

I thought we had a beautiful site cut

But I'm not sure if  the excavator did perfect job for us  as it seems they did dig a bit much dirt from our existing retaining wall which has made our neighbors concern. However, I hope it is still okie or easily fixed!

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