Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Thursday, 15 March 2012

W4_ended_ underground water tank was installed

I just noticed although my blog is still my dairy to document what has happened to our build, recently my blog much more writing about my checking list. What is a beautiful change!

To day, two water tanks were installed by cranes. On the bottom of these two holes, gravel were laid. Then, two water tanks were put into these holes, then concrete was made to fix them firmly in to the holes.

These two tanks really look very big. They are actually bigger than they look in those above pictures.Our site cost has already dramatically increased due to the tanks cost. Furthermore, we also need pay a lot more for extra piers due to these big underground tanks.
* Tomorrow  plumber jobs:
1) back  filling of the  tank
2) laser grade site
According the the plan, each above-mention job will take 1 day to complete. Hopefully, they will finish on Sat.

* Tomorrow my check list:
1) when the tank job will be completed?
2) the more important: when will they do leveling the area behind the tank for us?
3) I know we will have 2 level in the rear yard: the alfresco level up to the tank area and the higher level which will based on the level of existing wall around sue line .
But I'm still confused about how should I connect these two areas
4) The most important: request to draw the the tank's location on the Plan for the record
5) how to use the  the lid and the pile

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