Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

W 6 _D5: Painful variation so far

I have roughly written about our known and unexpected variation in the previous posts. As I red the link for Fowler Homes review ( http://www.productreview.com.au/r/fowler-homes/217957.html#comment) , I have reorganized that  not only me but others have also suffered such "variation". Therefore, I would like to write in details about our variation issue so possible Fowler Homes customers can be better aware of their tenders and provisional estimation.....

1) excess soil removal 

Ok, Fowler can't give us an exact number of soil removal. But Fowler can roughly estimate our soil removal as it is not top secret at all providing that  they have a contour survey  and they have a plan for cut and fill on our site.

a) excess soil from our site cut: 5 loads= 60 tones
b) excess soil from our underground rain water tank:  7 loads= 84 tones. The hole size for such tanks are clearly known in advance so that the estimated excess soil is not difficult. 
c) excess soil from our Drop Edge Beam (mainly) and piers (lightly): 10 loads= 120 tones

*In total, we had 22 loads of soil removal = $5,5k  variation cost

2) extra piering

As I previously wrote, we have to pay about $4k for extra piering as  Fowler located our underground rain water tank around the zone of influence.

The below reasons show that Fowler really got us down in this tank issue:
a) The simple rule is people always avoid to locate their tanks around the sewer line as if the tank is within 2.6m area from the sewer line, then $4k-$6k extra piering is required.

b) Fowler did locate our tank in the zone of influence, this fact is definitely not impressed but Wisdom homes also did the same  for their clients. However, the difference is Wisdom homes have advised their clients about extra piering while Fowler did NOT advise any single word.

Wisdom customers only suffered a delay as Wisdom homes applied again (at Wisdom cost) for another location of the tank providing that their customers don't accept such extra piering

c) our extra piering is $4k

***** our variation for excess soil removal and extra piering is $9,5k

3) The underground rain water tank cost

a)  Fowler charged the tanks at $17,3k + crane cost which Fowler have yet advised.

In the previous post, I wrote the tank cost for $21k.  Actually, the tanks fee is $2,2k design + $20k tank= $22,2k + GST. However, Fowler did provide credit for their standard tank at $6,3k +GST.

b) other builders charge much cheaper from $11k - $15k including crane cost. Only AVJenning charged a bit more expensive.

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  1. Wisdom were very upfront on potential extra costs in their tender presentation to us. Our variations have not been as much as yours, but I agree that Fowler have been less than forth coming with costs that they should have been able to estimate.