Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

W 11_ D2: Wrongful measurement on roof trusses is very rare?

 I met a crew of 5 professional and nice carpenter on our site before 7am yesterday. Furthermore, they happily informed me that they will tried their best to complete yesterday. If they could not, they would complete in the following day.

However, I noticed they all left by 2.30pm while front roof and all most of window were not done. It was unusual as I know they are hard working and very professional guys. Immediately, I sent SMS to our SS mentioning my concern and question if is there again a problem with our frame. He did not respond. In the later afternoon, DH and I came back the site and I had another concern regarding our view (I posted in the previous entry) which switched me away from my concern why did 5 good carpenters left many uncompleted works so early....

This morning, I went to the site with heavy drink bag for carpenters and was again shocked to see no one there. Obviously, my yesterday concern became true. Again I sent SMS to our SS and this time he responded quickly that  Fowler  couldn’t complete our frames as  their supplier has made a mistake on the manufacture of our roof trusses, it seems that the computer has calculated the incorrect measurement on the front section of our roof.

# I think their explanation is just an excuses…I think it is their unbelievable mistake. Indeed, this mistake hit me very hard as this mistake arrived right after last week mistake which brought almost 1 week delay to us. Last Tuesday, 5 carpenters came by 7am and they found out that they could not lift (by hands) frame for rear house as engineer made unusual/strange order for 385 kg frame package. As a consequence, SS have to organize an extra big crane to lift such frame package. 

# SS also said this issue will be rectified as soon as possible. I wish “as soon as possible” terms does not mean 1 month.

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