Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Week 14 (Tue May 22 - Mon May 28): complete ground floor bricks but I made another huge stupid mistake

- Last Wed (May 16) - today ( Tue May 22): almost ground floor bricks were done on schedule

- Today (Tue May 22): Frame company finally fixed windows to Bed 3, Study Nook and French door to Balcony.

- Today, I finally received a new layout for  pantry and Fridge area 

- Wed (May 23): scaffold set up

- Brickies ("Dream" Team/ "A" Team) are supposed to back as they finish their job on other site which will start tomorrow. Brickies said they need just 4 full days to get their job done (weather permitting) and they will be back on Monday or Tuesday as lastest.

***** Very sad as there is another "damp" drawing for Alfresco's open height. Actually, it is MY HUGE MISTAKE again. I can't understand why I did miss out reading that drawing and did sign for that drawing. Frankly, I never want to cry for my stupid mistake as I'm sure that there is always a resolution. However, any resolution come up with an expensive cost and big effort. Instead of crying, I wish to work harder to earn more money to fix that mistake.

I will check again with new SS to see if we can change. Otherwise, I should try my hardest efforts to learn to live with that Alfresco's open "stupid" height in an immediate stage.

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