Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Week 12 ( May 8 Tue _ May 14 Mon): Finally Frame done ?

1) Roof trusses problem and solution

- Problem was noticed on Tue May 1
- Our SS organized a meeting between his supplier, construction manager and himself on our site on Thursday May 3. I were very happy as I have seen SS has tried his best to reach a quickest solution for us by organizing on site meeting at management level.  
- Framing company will send out their carpenter to fix the wrongful pieces on Monday May 7

2) Planning 

- Fowler's carpenter crew will finish off our frames on Tuesday May 8, which was the second THIRD time re-schedule
- Our original schedule to have framing done was on the week ( April 21).
- Then, it was carpenter's own delay and rain. So, the framing was re-schedule for the first time on  April 26.
- There was a problem with a strange heavy frame, so we needed an extra big crane. As a result, our framing was re-schedule for the second time on May 1.
- Again, we had another problem with roof trusses so our framing was re-scheduled for the third time on May 8
==> if the frame done on May 8, we had already suffered 2 weeks delay

-  Plumb rough-in and site clean on Thursday May 10
-  Brick ....delivery
- Bricking commence on Mon May 14 (weather permitting)

3) Week's feature: one day can indeed make a huge different

I can see how easy for people to make mistakes in building industry....

I also painfully recognize how unbelievable mistakes have brought us 2 weeks delay. However, if the carpenter came to our site as scheduled on Mon Apr 16 (they didn't advise SS they didn't come on that day, in fact they came on the following day and left due to rain) then our extra crane and roof issue would be discovered much earlier, then we would just suffer 2 days delay instead of 2 weeks delay.

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