Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Our rebuild modified Vienna 42 with Fowler

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

W 13_ D 2: our FIRST brick walls

I 'm very happy with neat bricking here but it seems we have 3 different color level here

I pray very hard to have a bit fair uniformed color!

Though 30 years experienced brick layer told me if he were me he would never think of paint the bricks and the nature of brick color should NOT BE uniformed! And he said it is the best in his classical  opinion and preferences. I hope  I will be convinced later on.


  1. Those photos look like they could have been taken at my site, they look exactly the same.

    Something to consider - whilst the mortar is wet the bricks are absorbing the water by different amounts, and that will affect their colour. You will need to wait until the mortar goes off to see the true colour, and even then it will be masked until they are cleaned.

    I agree with the brickie, there should be some variation, that is the natural beauty of clay brick. You may find you like it, as you said. On the other hand, the current trend is monochrome, so the trick is having minimal colour variation, and Austral should be bound by the range of variation exhibited in their display wall. If it exceeds this, they should rectify it. Bricks can be replaced and/or there is a tinting process that is normally successful.

    Get Austral to agree to fix it if it is wrong, and then give it some time and see what happens.

  2. Hi Kiki,
    Your bricks looks great!!

    I can't see 3 different colors here.....the colors are good, I agree with The Castle.

    Your bricklayers have done a good job!

    1. Thanks M

      However, I think we can't get a deal with Austral regarding lighter color bricks as we have started bricking.

      Wish us the best of luck with brick color.

  3. Hey Kiki,
    I just had another look at my bricks now they have dried out a bit. I am really happy with the colour. You might be surprised.